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From a distance, many spiritual events seem like they would be lovely, safe, inspiring, healing experiences. …

Psychic Protection Sanctuary ~

Psychic protection & spiritual empowerment to help you regain your peaceful, grounded, powerful life. 


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Offering assistance with:

*  Unwanted paranormal activity
*  Spirit attachment / oppression / possession
*  Psychic attack / curse / black magick
*  Empath & lightworker sensitivity issues
*  Intuitive / psychic development & spiritual discernment
*  Tapping into your spiritual gifts
*  Spiritual & life empowerment
*  The challenges of being a spiritually targeted individual
*  Recovery from an abusive spiritual teacher /  healer / shaman


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photo by Chris Carlone



Here's What Maya's Students and Clients Are Saying....


"I have had multiple experiences with a variety of psychics in my life. Maya gets to the heart of the matter, not wasting time. I feel she is one of the top psychics in the country. One reason for that is her ability to call out false light. This is crucial. Most psychics are not in tune to false light. She also keeps up and understands matrix-led collective psychic warfare. Maya is incredibly astute. She helped me with insight for my business, also shed light on a few who were harmful to me, and gave me helpful tips to navigate with more acuity."  N.D., Arkansas


“One of the things I really appreciate about Maya Zahira is her authenticity, emphasized by her desire for integrity and discernment, and also how transparent she is with sharing techniques and tools to help people when they are in incredibly vulnerable situations like psychic attack. Maya provides an expertise that empowers others to ultimately help themselves, which is invaluable.”  J.M., South Australia


"Maya is the REAL DEAL. She gets a lot of useful information very quickly and puts it to very good use, and she doesn't buy into spiritual bypass and toxic dysfunctional spiritual ideas [like victim shaming/blaming]. She's been through a lot and is VERY competent at dealing with psychic protection issues. Our session was a huge step forward for me and I'm incredibly grateful for her kindness, intuition, and competence!"  M.G., Kansas


"Maya is AMAZING! I've worked with her for reiki classes, a house clearing, a personal reading, and am now reading her book. Each time is so illuminating and takes me much further in my own knowledge and personal journey. (My husband was also very impressed with her for our house clearing, she hit the nail on the head and identified some very strange issues that were happening in our home!) Maya has honestly helped make our lives and our home so much better."  H.S., Missouri


"Maya is one of the most authentic people in the Spiritual Community that I've ever met. I've followed her online videos on youtube for quite some time and most recently purchased her book, Darkness Disguised as Light from Amazon. Omgosh..what an amazing book! Educational, informative, and a complete page-turner. I learned so much about myself and my own spiritual gifts and problems by reading it. The pace of the book is perfect and each chapter contains lessons to be learned from her experiences and practical steps to increase your own spiritual strength as well as spiritual self protections. Maya has the most balanced spiritual teachings that I have come across. If you want to grow and become your best self within the modern spiritual community, this is one guidebook you must read."  L.H., Missouri


"Hi Maya, I just wanted to touch base with you since our last appointment.  I used to have at least have one to two episodes of sleep paralysis per month. Since our video meeting a few months ago, I followed your recommendations for clearing the issue.  Since then, I have not had even one instance of sleep paralysis!  That breaks the record for me!  (I'd been experiencing it for so long.)  I wanted to thank you and hope you keep me in your prayers.  You’ve been so helpful and I really appreciate not feeling hopeless anymore."  A.J.M., Georgia


"Using psychic protection techniques learned in Mays's classes I, personally, was able to ward off a direct entity attack and clear negative energies from my home. Under Maya's guidance, I was able to assist two family members in clearing long-standing entity attachments. Maya continues to be a support to all of us.S.D., Missouri


"Maya,  you were there when I needed help with clearing my house of entities, and you helped me SO much. You went into action immediately and set things right. You went above and beyond answering my many questions patiently and left clear instructions and tools allowing me to keep it going after you left. Not everyone would do that. Every day I am thankful you made my home calmer." C.M., Missouri


"I was having issues with a false light entity. At first, I wasn’t aware it was a false light entity and was confused by the fact that this spirit was telling me lies and I was having some major problems and bad luck in my life. Maya identified the entity as a false light during a video chat and immediately offered me her protection toolkit and personal advice to help me find ways to get rid of the negative spirit. Maya has devoted her life to helping others who have been invaded by evil, dark and false light spirits. She is incredibly wise and experienced in her protection techniques and doesn’t want others to suffer like she did when she was attacked. She knows how hopeless a person can feel when they are desperate to find answers and get their life back to a peaceful state. Maya has supported me 100% and has my back and will continue to support me until we can successfully end this negative spirit attachment issue."  S.R., Missouri


"I KNOW focusing only on good does not work alone! I have been sensitive to the spiritual realm since I was a very LITTLE girl! I LOVE the angels and positive energy around me!! I have NEVER intentionally invited ANY negative or demonic entities to me...NEVER! Because I didn't know how to totally protect myself...I attempted to just shut off that part of me. (It doesn't really work) I have discovered a safe place where I CAN open up my spiritual side again! I feel I have been guided to a mentor (Maya Zahira) that can help and teach me the right way to be whole!T.P., Missouri


"Maya, I just wanted to reach out and tell you that I have the utmost respect for you. I believe you are an amazing teacher and you really want to help people. You blessed me with your knowledge and I look forward to learning more from you. Thank you for being you. And making this world a better place."  M.C., Kansas 


 "Maya Zahira, your knowledge and guiding light are very much needed right now.  I'm honored to be part of your Spiritual Empowerment Academy knowing you're respected in so many ways, but still take time to connect with each of us on a personal level.  I can't begin to imagine how much energy that takes. Thank you again!"  A.H., Missouri


"Hi, Maya!  I've been going through all your youtube videos and WOW ... there is so much extremely helpful, practical and IMPORTANT info and I just have to say that I deeply appreciate the work you are doing for us all.  I've now made it my intention to join your online Academy! What you share is soooo very valuable and needed."  A.L., Ontario, Canada


"Maya Zahira, I am so grateful for all you do. This group [Spiritual Empowerment Academy] is a main staple in my daily life. Even on the most awful, terrible, scary days, your posts make me feel seen and heard. Part of that is all of the energy and intuitive work, of course, but a large part of it is that you are transparent and honest and it gives me permission to name things to myself that are on my own heart and mind." Y.M., Chicago, Illinois


"Dear Maya, 
I'm not sure if this is the correct email address to reach you, but as I walked through the Christmas market tonight after our session, I had you on my mind. 
I just wanted to say 'thank you.'
Thank you for holding space and bearing witness to what is one of the most horrible and upsetting private struggles of my life. 
Thank you for not walking away from me, but holding out your hand and offering to help. In a world where things like demonic oppression are taboo, this gives me strength. 
Thank you for helping me to finally get to the bottom of my issues. I have seen so many healers, so many mediums, shamans, intuitives, you name it, but no one has ever been able to see what you told me today, and it feels right. The information you gave me feels so eerily right that it sends tingles up and down my spine. This is my torture. This is my pain...demonic oppression since I was a little girl. There are few healers who are brave enough to see the things you do. 
Thank you for diving into the unknown territory of shadows, darkness, and entity attachment where few healers have the fortitude to go. Until I found you, I was very alone fighting these issues with what little resources I could find. Now, I see you as a warrior, lighting the way for truth, against false light, against all the evil that's been keeping people down for so long.
Thank you for being so open, honest, and approachable so that I feel like I can, with all my issues, fall apart in front of you and you won't judge me.
And lastly, thank you for doing the work that you do. I know that you have your own story, your own struggle that has led you to this point. You have looked fear in the eye and said, NO! I hope to be as strong as you one day."  M., Colorado

"Maya is the perfect mentor for me and I will tell you why:

She MODELS aspects of the divine, through her own hard-won embodiment, that I recognize and deeply resonate with. In short form- she walks her talk.

She is in integrity and is absolutely heart and truth led.

Her knowledge has been gained by hard-won, firsthand experience (as opposed to purely intellectual understanding that may be useful but lacks KNOWING).

She is a former teacher, and obviously a born teacher. She is just organically skilled at breaking things down in bite sized chunks and offering bite sized protocols. When I was in a total trauma response from an entity attachment, I required a calm, clear, precise teacher and mentor. That’s Maya.

She is a gorgeous 'balancer' of compassion and self-responsibility. She has an innate understanding of how important it is to acknowledge and hold our human experiences, but not get stuck there. She embodies alchemy and self-empowerment, and teaches it with both firmness and love.

She has taught me, through her energy balancing sessions, many techniques I am bringing in to work with my own clients. Bringing in the drum has been HUGE for me in my own healing. She has also helped me step more fully into my voice and my singing, which is a major component of the energy and healing work I am meant to bring here (and psychic protection work) but was blocked heavily. I have removed so many overlays and blocks and cords because of her presence in my life. It’s like I was stuck in some ways, and she activated me exactly how I needed it. I know Maya is a soul connection to me and is a very powerful divine source fractal in this realm. I found her at the perfect time.

Sidenote: I had no idea she is psychic AF when I joined SEA and scheduled private sessions with her. I figured it out pretty quickly of course but her high level of psychic ability, combined with her energy healing abilities, integrity, intelligence, and just who she BE, makes her such a gift to this realm. Her ability to see exactly which dark forces I am dealing with, as well as other positive interpretations (ex who my guides are etc) functioned to empower me in ways that have been a huge help in my own expansion and protection against dark forces.

Maya also inspires me in a business sense and as a business coach; she is supporting the evolution of my own business and is seriously brilliant in this arena as well. I love her business model and also love how she models healthy boundaries and love- supporting others to remember THEY are responsible for their healing, and that she is ONLY a support— which majorly aligns with my own knowings and teachings to others.

I just love Maya. She is an amazing human, so gifted, so brilliant, and so knowledgeable. Thank you Beautiful Maya for Being and for your courage; and thank you to the divine for your blessings which led me to her in a dark, dark hour."  MF, New York



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